The Deconstruction isn’t a die-hard competition, but let’s be honest, everything is more fun with prizes.   The 2014 Deconstruction will have several award categories.



-The 2014 Deconstruction Award:  This is the grand prize (the one for the Full Spectrum Laser 3D Printer).  Judging is based on a combination of overall concept,  creative repurposing of objects and ideas, and documentation.

- The 2014 Deconstruction “ Problem Solving” Award: This award is given to the team who best isolates a real problem and deconstructs a real solution to that problem.   This is the “make the world a better place award”.

-The 2014 Deconstruction “Best in Internets” Award:  This award is given  to the team who produces the most fun and entertaining 48-hour live stream during their build.   Costumes, karaoke, jousting, streaming kitten cam, bring it on. This is the “make the internet a better place award”.

-The 2014 Deconstruction “Young Maker Award”: Given to a team of students who best use teamwork, and collaborative problem solving skills during the 48 hours.



Self Satisfaction…massive bragging rights.  The *highly* coveted Deconstruction trophy.

Oh yeah, the prize for “The Deconstruction Award” is the brand new Pegasus Touch 3D Laser Printer by FSL3D.