IMG_2992The Eureka Factory  – So our reveal was a little rocky tonight, due to audio difficulties,  but essentially what we were trying to show was how we reconstituted our deconstructed words and phrases from the library collaborative story telling project and our Twitter and Instructables feeds,  into a visual storytelling platform.

By writing out, cutting apart and reordering all the contributions we received – a very Zen like experience by the way – we found ourselves weaving some rather thought provoking, and poetic narratives.  Or perhaps the words found their own way, self-organizing with our assistance, appealing to us alliteratively, visually, intuitively.

However it happened, by chance or intention, we find the results very satisfying.  The snippet below is a selection of some of what emerged from our 48 hours of Deconstructing Storytelling – more stories!

Now to work on our submission video and bring it all home.


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