Product #2:  The GorillaA four-wheeled machine that moves like a hovercraft, but with real maneuverability

The Gorilla is our response to the omni wheel.  We respect the beauty of the design in an omni wheel, but we also acknowledge the intricacy, potential for junk to jam them up, and that because they have many moving parts they have more opportunities for moving part failure.

I did not contribute to this project except to show them how to use a vise, hacksaw, and hammer to cut and bend some steel channel.

Our project was designed to minimize the number of moving parts in an omniorientable vehicle.  The total number of moving parts is eight, which is less than one omniwheel has.

The team did not complete this project.  Playtesting did not commence.

However MY angle on the project was different: the two boys who worked on it had never operated a saw, a drill, a soldering iron in their lives.  And yet they were able to put this together with just a little coaching.  So, from my perspective it was a massive success: We were able to provide an experience powerful enough to upgrade the wiring in their brains!

I’m very, very pleased with the work they did.

Great job, Jonathan and Niraj.

~ dan ~

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