Ok, so we’ve all had a chance to get some sleep and do some documentation. Instead of doing another video, I’m deconstructing the deconstruction submission process and using this post as my final submission 🙂

For all you ADHD kids out there, here’s our show and tell video so you don’t have to read all these scary words:

Our goal seemed simple: make the perfect marshmallow (or smore to you yanks). However, along the way to this goal a bunch of other things happened. In this post I want to highlight some of those things.

1) We met some cool people. I invited people I knew, they invited people they knew, and on the day we all got a chance to meet someone with the same interests as us and hang out. And then, thanks to skype, I got to talk to the good folks doing the live show – such fun 🙂

2) We ripped a bunch of appliances apart. I got people to bring things like toasters or microwaves, which we had great fun ripping apart. For some of us, this was old news. For others, it was a totally new experience! They got to see what makes a microwave tick with someone around to stop them killing themselves in the process.

3) We cooked some marshmallows! The show and tell video covers this fairly well. What it missed is the best part – getting to eat them! I took the bullet by trying out the ones cooked in the more… interesting ways. I know, what a sacrifice having to eat a bunch of gooey yummy sugar!

4) We had KFC!!! Trust me, this is a big deal – Zimbabwe has only just got our first KFC outlet 🙂 It was a highlight for me to be sitting there with a bunch of guys unafraid to be different. Praying before we ate, laughing at our weird jokes, being ourselves without worrying about appearances – I am so happy to have friends like this.

5) We played with some dangerous toys. Magnetrons, high voltage, spinning tornadoes of fire, an air cannon, molten metal…. yeah we had lots of fun 🙂

All in all, this was a really great experience. Everyone had their own tasks to get on with, we all worked together smoothly, we got everything we wanted done done, we had so much humour doing it, we achieved the perfect marshmallow!

Thanks to everyone who organised the event – you guys rock!!!

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