The Deconstruction is about re-thinking the world as we know it, taking it apart, making a few adjustments, then putting it back together a little awesomer-er.  It’s a light-hearted competition/ game, but it’s really more of a large-scale collaboration between friends, teams, and the public. The concept is to make the world a slightly better, more fun, and more interesting place over 48 hours. The event is open to anyone, anywhere, of any age and skill level.


Step 1. Assemble a group of friends, collaborators, conspirators, co-workers, or just people you like and register your team.  The more eclectic your team, the better.  Fill out the form, create a team name. Deconstruction teams can be 2 or 200 people.


Step 2: Find a place to work.  The more tools of creativity the better.  The more materials to Deconstruct the better.  Also, good internet is key. . Each team will also be issued a unique Deconstruction Team Site, where you can document your process and collaborate with friends, family, and people you don’t even know yet.

Teams are encouraged to live-stream themselves.  We will supply you with access to a streaming platform and a list of best practices (you need to supply the web-cam). If you haven’t done this before don’t be afraid…it’s easy.   Costumes, hyjinks, and all varieties of tomfoolery are highly encouraged! However, if you can’t webcast you can definitely still participate.

Step 3:  On Nov 14 at 4PM PST The Deconstruction will go live.  We will begin broadcasting our host feed.  Teams will also begin their webcasts and the event will begin.  From our studio, we will interview participating teams (you!), and other inspiring guests.


Step 4: (the most important step): Collaborate and create with your team.  Document your process.  The Deconstruction host feed will amplify your signal to show the world what you’re doing, and allow others to collaborate with you through comments and social media.

Step 5:  Make and submit a short final video for judging featuring your team, what you made, and most importantly how you did it.  (note: it helps to assign someone on your team to be a designated documentarian).


Step 6:  Kick back. Check out what everyone else made.  Celebrate what was created and did not exist 48 hours before!


Is this event for me?  Who can participate in The Deconstruction?

YOU!  The event is open to anyone and everyone of all ages and backgrounds. All you need is internet access. Anyone, anywhere, can participate in The Deconstruction. You can do it…we believe in you.


So, is this one of those Hackathon-type thingies? How serious should I take this? What’s on the line?

We don’t like to call ourselves a hackathon.  Our goal is to try, and do, something different. Deconstruction is sort of a game/competition…but not really.  It’s sort of a free user-generated conference and gathering…but not really.  Make sense?  Not really? It’s a collaborative creative event experiment…how’s that?

It’s as serious as you want it to be. This event is about jumpstarting innovation, collaborating with others around the world, and having fun. However, we are crowning winners in several categories, and there are some great prizes (because everything is better with prizes).


Wait, how does it actually work?  Is there a topic?  Are we going to be asked to build something specific. There is no designated topic. Think of one or two words that represent something that needs to be rethought, or would be fun to rethink. It can be a specific object, an idea, a genre.. What in your world would you like to see “Deconstructed”? It could be serious, or utterly ridiculous.  Also, you can change your topic mid-event.  You may set out to Deconstruct one thing, and end up with a completely different Deconstruction in the end.    The challenge is really more focused on your concept, as well as *how* you execute it.

I have a PHD in mechanical engineering, a PHD in electrical engineering, and an MFA.  I’m a Master French Chef, speak 13 languages, and have a black belt in karate.  I can both walk and chew the gum, is this event for me?  I’ll obviously win? 

The Deconstruction is about being clever and inventive; it’s not about how much technical training you have.  Winning the Deconstruction is not about who can manifest the flashiest new idea, it’s about who can create something really awesome using existing resources, and teamwork.

That being said, we highly encourage our experienced participants to include students and young people on their team.  Mentorship and skill-sharing is a big part of The Deconstruction.


Do I have to physically Make an object?  Could I create a short film, a performance, a game, or an app?

ANYTHING GOES!  The only criteria is that you create *something* that did not exist 48 hours before, and you can demonstrate it. Bring it on.  Last year we had stop animation films made with snails,  Deconstructed musical albums, live performances, just about everything.

Who owns what I make?  Do I have to sign away any IP rights? 

You own everything you make, all copyrights, all intellectual property past, present, future, and in parallel universes..everything.  The only thing we ask for is the ability to display and talk about it on this site.  We make no claims to what you create.

What are the rules?

  1. This is an event about exploring the concepts of remix, invention, and re-invention. Use as many existing resources and ideas as possible.
  2. Document everything.  Everyone wants to see your process. Also it makes it easier for others to collaborate with you (part of judging is based on documentation).
  3. Your final entry has to actually be made during the competition.
  4. Submit a final video
  5. Don’t get hurt or arrested.

Who’s behind this event?  Is this some sort of secret government ploy?

The Deconstruction is an independent experimental “game for change”.  It is a not-for-profit event with no ulterior motives other than providing a platform where people can be creative, have fun, and hopefully spur innovation.  Our goal is to make the world better, and awesomer-er.


Our belief is that great new ideas many times are not manifested through unlimited means and resources…they are pieced together using found material, collaboration, and by rethinking what’s right in front of you. We are producing this event because it’s a concept we deeply believe in.


For general information about the event please contact: