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We are planning to finish editing our stop-motion animation piece, “Clam Jam ’99: a deconstruction of Hopper’s Nighthawks” before the next moon cycle. We will be submitting this to the 2014 Disposable Film Festival. We thank Team deconstruction for putting this motivating event together; even though we do this kind of thing regularly and always have, the collective pressure was a useful element…

Eventually Clam Jam will be on youtube. You can search it by name if you want to see our version of Nighthawks.

Tonight, I will stencil team shirts for my team…

This goes with our last post: Vagines Sans Frontiers

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This video shows some pivotal moments of the making of “Clam Jam ’99: a Deconstruction of Edward Hopper’s ‘Nighthawks.” Our materials were all gathered for free from our house and the beach we live on: garden snails, table leg, barnacles, feathers from our chickens, mussels, pubic hair, shells, cardboard box, succulents, and a camera. Also used were quotes from Casablanca interspersed from ones taken from the sleezeballs in chatroom. Not pictured is the third collaborator, Daisy (who you can see in our previous update, and who worked tirelessly but was captured on the camera that isn’t my iphone, and I couldn’t figure out how to combine the two onto one video. I am no graphic designer, thank fucking god.


Hello City deconstructing neighbourhood – final video

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You can check out our final video for The Deconstruction here.
We have done 3 projects to deconstruct neighbourhood:
1. Seed-bombing: We made a mobile seed bombing catapult on a cargo bike, with seed bombs made from seeds donated from neighbours and from soil from the backyard
2. Haiku bombing: Partly inspired by the graffito tag – eternity – which first appeared written in chalk on the footpaths of Melbourne in the 1930s and later in Sydney, we’ve written Odes to Pascoe Vale in landscape chalk on the roads and walls of Pascoe Vale. You can also check out our instructable here
3. Short story bombing: Lost in Pascoe Vale (telephone pole posters)


Micro Story bombing in Pascoe Vale, Melbourne

Micro Story bombing in Pascoe Vale, Melbourne

Haiku bombing in Pascoe Vale, Melbourne

Haiku bombing in Pascoe Vale, Melbourne

[The Tree of Technology] – Urban Conga + Li4E


::::::: THE TREE OF TECHNOLOGY :::::::

The opportunity of CONSTRUCTION for The Tree of Technology was only possible through the DECONSTRUCTION of many other technological devices.  As a product of The Deconstruction International Competition, the pure essence of this tree is seen through the process of its creation.


Thousands of students from all over the Tampa Bay area attended the University of South Florida Engineering EXPO on 02.22.13.  Each student had the opportunity to deconstruct Machines, Computers, VCRs and other electronic devices at the “Learning Is For Everyone” Booth.  Students learned the difference between destroying and deconstruction as they were instructed to put care into the process of deconstructing these machines. They were told to break down the items into individual parts expressing their individual purpose for the machine they came from.


These pieces were reDesigned into a Tree of Technology where the machine parts were used as fruit of the tree satisfying a hunger for knowledge in the world of electronics.  A structural “tree-like” form was cut out of MDF board with a CNC router and assembled together as a Kit of Parts.  Phone cords and charger wires were used as branches to hold each piece of “technology fruit”.  These parts were attached to magnets allowing them to connect to each other, the tree itself, and the environment which surrounds it.  The pieces hanging from the tree connect to a power source at the base allowing it to function once again as it did in previous home.


Setting up a booth in Downtown Tampa’s Sunday Market, The Urban Conga gave the community a chance to try out the tree for themselves.  One Local said “This is such a great idea.  My children have never been so excited to learn and explore something on their own. I think this gives a whole new meaning to the phrase Free Choice Learning.”

::::::: THE TEAM :::::::

The Crowd-sourced Creatives, is a collaborative effort between the nonprofit creative education group, Learning is for Everyone (LI4E) , and The Urban Conga, a collective group of creators activating urban spaces through interactive installations.  Learning is for Everyone creates engaging experiential learning opportunities in the sciences and arts for people of all ages, with the goal of inspiring a culture changing, lifelong love of learning that will help people live intentionally, meaningfully, productively and successfully in the 21st century. Projects include community STEM Education programs, Tampa Bay Mini Maker Faire,   [email protected] and LI4E Makerspace Project.  An LI4E Makerspace Project team competed as a finalist in last summer’s Red Bull Creation.

The Urban Conga is working to start The Conga Line, collaborating with artists and designers alike who are looking to implement eclectic and innovative ideas all over the world.  The Urban Conga seeks to inject care into local communities by accentuating and enhancing the beauty of the current urban conditions, and turning unused and overlooked urban spaces into interactive places to live, learn, and love your city!

Together, we are bringing a passion for crowd-sourced creativity to the Deconstruction with a cool Tree of Technology!

Such a great oppourtunity, Thank you so much.  GO #Decon2013!!

View our video:

[The Tree of Technology] – Urban Conga & Li4E