The Rabbit Hole – Deconstruction 2014

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We’re still recuperating from the awesome that was Deconstruction 2014 where our theme was “Light it Up” – looking at all of the different ways we could deconstruct light and the uses of light.

Final 2014 Video:

In no particular order:

1) DIY infinity mirror in an altoids can! This involved chibitronic LEDs, an altoid tin, a mirror, and a salvaged filter from a broken projector system.

Decon 017 Decon 016

2) The spice rack has been finished and is in use!  We used scrap wood, old nails, wood borders from who knows where, and an LED strip for the spice rack!  It even has a switch!


3) Fan piece – all hail!  It is comprised of 25 random computer fans from our donations/junk drawer.  3 of them glow – hence we have a lit-up skull :).  All of the fans work when powered and it is a strong wind!  Paper pandemonium!

Decon 014

4) The Bacon Printer.  This is a deconstructed broken laser printer whose heating filament is actually a long light bulb that can heat up to 450F.  A great temperature for attempting to cook bacon at!  The roller that helps to roll paper through is attached to a motorized screwdriver’s motor and the entire contraption is powered by a donated computer power supply.

Decon 013


We were fortunate enough to have joined in the Deconstruction 2013 and had equally great turnout this year.  Lots of new tricks and methods attempted and a lot of fun projects to work on!  Who knew you could make bacon in a printer!


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Did you know?

Three years ago, I deconstructed a hedge in my back yard.  There were so many long, straight poles that I dried them and then used them to create a trebuchet.  I challenged myself to do it by feel without any plan.

The change I would make?  Move the axle farther from the weight end.  Or hang the weight on a long cord.

This has nothing to do with the contest this year, but it IS a deconstruction so I thought you’d like to see it

Dan Fruzzetti's simple trebuchet.

Dan Fruzzetti’s simple trebuchet.