Sunday Morning Fallout

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NOP_: What happened so far

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My niece helped me to put it up, it looked like this:We’ve got ourselves the main ingriedient for deconstruction, the Fiber Optic Christmas tree.

The Tree

Basically it has a lot of light fibre filaments between its twigs. When you shine a light at the bottom, it gets distributed throughout the whole tree.

The second deconstructable is an old Nokia, kindly donated by our local garbage bin.
NokiaLCD module
Made a little breakout board for the LCD, wrote a hello world code on an Arduino – it works, so we’re ready to go!

Stay tuned to hear more!

The Rabbit Hole – 34 hours in

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Is it 34? I hope it is, we’re all a little delirious here 🙂  4 inches of snow have fallen and it is bitterly cold outside, so the Rabbit Hole is winding down for the night!

1) DIY infinity mirror in an altoids can!

Decon 017 Decon 016

2) The spice rack has been finished and is in use!


3) Fan piece – all hail the skull fan god!  We tested it and it blew us away!

Decon 014

4) The Bacon Printer.  Still in a state of rest for now, but tomorrow it rises again!

Decon 013

5) Other side projects:  We wanted to make a donations box – mostly for the food we provide each week for the hackerspace folks.  But while making the box, we realized we didn’t have any hinges, so we decided to make them from scrap wood!

Decon 019 Image2