Idea #1 – The Temperizer

I helped the boys troubleshoot this, but they very much did all the work themselves.  The Temperizer is a microcontroller-powered device which attaches to the skin and reports back a stream of data, polled at 40-400ms, and uses it to assess the stress level of its wearer.  After a brief calibration cycle at startup, it recognizes when you go under stress and it beeps and vibrates with rhythm accelerating as the user’s stress level increases, but slowly decreasing as the user’s stress level decreases.

Essentially, The Temperizer is meant to be miniaturized and worn under the clothes.  Especially powerful for anger and stress management, the wearer might be just ready to go off on someone, but the annoying beeps and vibrating SHOULD remind them to take a step back and calm down.  And the beeping slows down and relaxes as they do.

Applications: blood pressure patients, people with panic attacks, and adjudicated domestic abusers, and anyone else who is documented to either be endangered or a danger to others when they get upset.

The Stress Assessor

The Stress Assessor


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