Idea #2 – The Gorilla

The team put together a very delicate prototype of a car that rolls on four spheres, and has four degrees of freedom.  Upon completion, it will be an extremely mobile prototype.

An Arduino and two 2A motor controllers were used (one controller had to have pins bent and jumper wires added to reassign its drive pins), as well as some fancy trigonometry to get the movement to work right.  Chief designers were Jonathan and Niraj.  They plan to fully mature this product over the next weeks, and in doing so will learn exactly how to deal with forces in quadrature.

The Gorilla can change its orientation while traveling at any speed and in any direction.  If built as a full-sized car, imagine passing someone while turned sideways, then turning around to wave goodbye to them face-to-face while still going 70MPH in the right direction.

Stay tuned for this one.



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