Math teacher by day, Evil Genius by night

Math teacher by day, Evil Genius by night

Idea #4 – The F-Ray

This was built as an exercise by Dan Fruzzetti, who before today felt he didn’t have a solid understanding of microwave energy.

Also, he burned up a capacitor (luckily he has extras).  This iteration of the F-Ray has pistol grips and a 1000W emitter.  It is able to etch a CD (from close range like 1.5ft until we get a narrower beam width) and destroy a speaker.  Of course, microwave energy is also able to denervate your sense of touch, which is bad.  So we’ve been extra careful by testing it from 10-15 feet away.

The buzz, when in your hand, is very, very satisfying.

This began life as two microwave ovens, an ATX power supply, and some steel screen, and I used relays, push buttons, magnetron, capacitor, diode, transformer, and lots of nuts and bolts from my junk box.

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