• 2x 1/2″ “black” pipe nipples 6″ long
  • 2x 3/4″ “black” pipe nipples 3″ long
  • 2x 1/4″-20 bolts 1.5″ long
  • 2x 1/4″-20 nylock nuts


  • Chuck the 1/2″ plack pipe nipple in a lathe with 5″ sticking out.
  • Boar the center of the pipe out to just under 5/8″. The pipe ID is 5/8″ or just over but there is a weld seam that needs to be cut down to fit properly.
  • Next turn the outside diameter down to 0.785″ (or 0.005″ under the ID of your wheel bearings) for a length of 3.5″
  • Cut off the pipe nipple to 4″ long.
  • repeat the above steps for the second 1/2″ pipe.
  • Next cut 2 rings out of the 3/4″ pipe 1/2″ wide.


  • The 1/2″ pipe should be a slip to pound fit over the 5/8″ axle.
  • Install one 1/2″ pipe shim with the “shoulder” in. Pound on till non shoulder end is flush with the end of the rod.
  • Next install the axle though the 5/8″ holes in the PVC T -> PVC axle tube -> second PVC T.
  • Install the second pipe shim again with the “shoulder” in (180 deg from the other end of the axles). Push the shim on until it is tight against the PVC Ts and the axle cannot float sideways in the PVC frame.
  • Next install the wheels on both pipe shims until the inside bearing is flush against the shoulder on the pipe shim.
  • Install the 3/4″ pipe rings so they are flush against the outside wheel bearing.
  • Finally drill a clearance hole for the 1/4″-20 bolt all the way through the 3/4″ ring -> 1/2″ pipe shim -> 5/8″ axle -> 1/2″ pipe shim -> 3/4″ ring. Install the 1/4″-20 bolt and nylock nut.

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