The Eureka Factory  – The premise of our Literary Hack is simply this:  Can we find narrative meaning from the isolated random musings of strangers?

Or, in a nutshell:

We will deconstruct language.

Will we deconstruct language?

Deconstruct language we will!

So we spent this fantastic day at the Hive Community Innovation Center grand opening, at the John F. Germany Library. Over 200 people came through the facility, checking out robots, 3D printers, the recording studio, the hands-on workshop, the Media:scape and the arts center, where we were camped out for the Deconstruction.  There, we asked people to share a thought, a single sentence.  It could play off a sentence someone wrote before them, or just stand alone.

The arts center features this wonderful white board wall that became an expressive canvass for people to share their sentences for our project. They started out hesitantly – a big white wall can be intimidating.  Where to start? What to say?  Not surprisingly, after the first few sentences went up, the board began to fill – with sayings, quotes, random imagery, snippets of poetry.  People would stand in front of the white board wall, reading all the words that came before, and then pick up a marker and add their own.

Now, we divinate, cast the bones of sentences and see what tales they tell!

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