Bozo Nightmare

Bozo Nightmare

Team Topic - Deconstruct: Music and Language

Bozo Nightmare makes music without thinking too much about it, using experimental and eclectic techniques. They embrace steam-of-consciousness, random, improvised, collaborative, in-the-moment, electronic, acoustic, inspired, music. Major influences include Bruce Haack, Berlin-Era David Bowie, Brian Eno, Early Beck, Captain Beefheart, The Flaming Lips, Guided By Voices, The Moldy Peaches, etc.

Original Members:

Dennis Michael: Currently a graduate student at the California Institute of Technology. His folktronica-based solo work can be found here:

Slurz: A mysterious musical enigma of which very little is known. Some claim they've seen him up in Boston, taking shelter from the snowfall, some say they spotted him in Vegas, some say he's really nowhere at all.


Current/Contributing Members for The Deconstruction 2013

Dennis Michael, Los Angeles CA: Producer, songs, piano, guitar, vocals, etc.

Slurz, Woburn MA: Vocals, voices, samples, piano

KRS 1.299, Boston MA: Mobile app music, samples

Zhaoxia Ji, Los Feliz CA: Chinese vocals

Jim Fakonas, Pasadena CA: Guitar

Matt Escarra, Pasadena CA: Banjo, harmonica

Ryan Briggs, Pasadena CA: Drumming

Prateek Mantri, India: samples



For The Deconstruction 2013, we plan to have a de-localized team with numerous collaborators at different physical locations contributing sounds for the final project: an album of at least 10 songs. Collaborators will include original members of Bozo Nightmare and any other collaborators who can provide sounds. Music will be generated with both traditional, acoustic instruments and electronic and digital instruments. Many sounds will be generated with a diverse array of mobile apps which are available for music creation. Additional sounds will include audio samples recorded of events during the 48 hour period of The Deconstruction at various locations. Much of the music and sounds will be inspired by surrounding physical environments and guided by random, stream-of-consciousness techniques such as the ancient Chinese text the I Ching (a la John Cage) and Oblique Strategies cards (a la Brian Eno). All music and sounds will be mixed together in various ways during The Deconstruction to create 10 or more songs for the album.

Bozo Nightmare Video:

Bozo Nightmare updates:

Friday Night Light Progress

Posted on: February 23, 2013

Recorded some banjo, harmonica, acoustic and electric guiar, and some minor key piano at the Caltech music house. Some other ideas for acoustic guitar/vocals. Thinking about how to mix it together with other material currently. Also some initial electronic sounds. Here are some fragments and ideas:


Jims 94 (v1)


House Idea 1 (in Am)


Piano House (F#m)


photo (4)



photo (3)



photo (2)

Posted on:

Bozo Nightmare heading to Caltech music house to get some piano, banjo and guitar down for later tinkering. Will post samples soon.

Bozo Nightmare Pre-Event Post

Posted on: February 22, 2013

Songboard Pre-Deconstruction


Our first post. During the Deconstruction we will be writing, sampling, mixing, unmixing, merging, destroying, and (hopefully) creating music and sounds. Above is the songboard which will be filled with song ideas and directions throughout the event.  Here we will post progress updates, audio files of drafts and fragments of songs, and current techniques we are considering for making music. We will not be streaming too much due to numerous reasons, but plan to stream and record video of certain processes which we think will be interesting to share. We definitely welcome any kind of external input. This could be audio samples of noises, people playing instruments, music generated with mobile applications, etc. We also welcome ideas for creating and deconstructing music and the world to guide our songs. This could mean lyrical ideas, suggestions of things to sample, ways of playing an instrument, ideas of genres or sounds to mix/mash up, etc.