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Team Topic - Deconstruct: Charles Bukowski and Music

Bozo Nightmare makes music without thinking too much about it. We embrace steam-of-consciousness, random, improvised, collaborative, in-the-moment, electronic, acoustic, inspired, music. We embrace many tenets of postmodernism. This means that we embrace randomness, ambiguity, bricolage, contradictions, fragmentation and discontinuity, mixing of high and low art, multiple meanings and unexpected juxtaposition.

In our project for The Deconstruction 2014 we plan to deconstruct the poetry and words of Charles Bukowski and reassemble them into various forms of music such as minimal glitch, glitch hop, ambient and old-school hip hop. This is mainly just for kicks, but also to explore if the poetry/words can take on different meaning in a new and unexpected context.

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Songs And Insults – Complete 8-Song Album on Soundcloud

Posted on: November 16, 2014




Our complete 8-song album from The Deconstruction 2014 on Soundcloud:



Dennis Michael: Beats, Production, Samples
Slurz: Beats, Samples
Clarissa Eisler: Samples

This set includes audio samples from the following recordings of Charles Bukowski:

Poems And Insults
Charles Bukowski Uncensored
King Of Poets
90 Minutes In Hell

Posted on: November 15, 2014

Bozo has been hard at work making beats and other instrumentals that will soon be filled with the deconstructed poetry of Charles Bukowski.

Potential album cover?


(image made with Decim8 iPhone glitch app)


We also have some people collecting samples from around Los Angeles (Bukowski’s stomping ground) that we will also incorporate into the music, glitched and deconstructed of course. We also have some people set up with some drinks and Bukowski quotes that they will be reading into their phones once the drinks are gone.


Here’s a taste of what we’ve been up to so far:



Tonight it is finishing up some instrumentals, adding Bukowski and glitching the hell out of everything.

2013 Archive

Friday Night Light Progress

Posted on: February 23, 2013

Recorded some banjo, harmonica, acoustic and electric guiar, and some minor key piano at the Caltech music house. Some other ideas for acoustic guitar/vocals. Thinking about how to mix it together with other material currently. Also some initial electronic sounds. Here are some fragments and ideas:


Jims 94 (v1)


House Idea 1 (in Am)


Piano House (F#m)


photo (4)



photo (3)



photo (2)

Posted on: February 23, 2013

Bozo Nightmare heading to Caltech music house to get some piano, banjo and guitar down for later tinkering. Will post samples soon.