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Hello City is a creative agency specialising in liveability, activation and creative process.  We have brought together a ramshackle collective of artists, designers, a chippy, a web geek, a couple of people who do government/policy type stuff  and a gaggle of kids, for a weekend of creativity, collaboration and general awesomeness.

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Thank you all!

Our final video is available here, or embedded below.

You can also read about how to have your own Haiku adventures on our Instructables page.

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Hello City deconstructing neighbourhood – final video

Posted on: February 26, 2013

You can check out our final video for The Deconstruction here.
We have done 3 projects to deconstruct neighbourhood:
1. Seed-bombing: We made a mobile seed bombing catapult on a cargo bike, with seed bombs made from seeds donated from neighbours and from soil from the backyard
2. Haiku bombing: Partly inspired by the graffito tag – eternity – which first appeared written in chalk on the footpaths of Melbourne in the 1930s and later in Sydney, we’ve written Odes to Pascoe Vale in landscape chalk on the roads and walls of Pascoe Vale. You can also check out our instructable here
3. Short story bombing: Lost in Pascoe Vale (telephone pole posters)


Micro Story bombing in Pascoe Vale, Melbourne

Micro Story bombing in Pascoe Vale, Melbourne

Haiku bombing in Pascoe Vale, Melbourne

Haiku bombing in Pascoe Vale, Melbourne

Deconstructing neighbourhood: Making seed bombs

Posted on: February 23, 2013

Digging for Clay

Trying unsuccessfully to find some clay to bind the seed bombs together


Experimenting with star shapes


Can’t find clay, so we’re recycling children’s drawings, and mulching the paper to hold the bombs into a ball


Mixing seeds, soil, paper, no egg & eggs from the backyard chickens


Seed bombs ready to go



Hello City – Deconstructing neighbourhood

Posted on: February 23, 2013

Our 48 hours down under started at noon on Saturday, and will go through to noon on Monday. We’ve got 6 adults and 5 kids aged 3-6 in the our team, and together we’re deconstructing Pascoe Vale, a neighbourhood in the northern suburbs of Melbourne, Australia.

We’ve decided to work with the following resistances:

1. Have fun. Enjoying the process is more important than the outcome.

2. Involve the kids. If we can learn from them as well, so much the better.

3. Focus on one neighbourhood. Viva la Pascoe Vale!

4. Do lots of little things instead of one big thing. This way we’re less likely to run out of time with nothing finished, and if we hate something we can give up on it.

5. Don’t over think things. Just start doing stuff and see what happens

6. Try not to buy stuff. Use what we already have, or what we can find. Total budget of $150, and that includes beer.

and of course – do whatever can be done within 48 hours.

We’ve done our brainstorm, and settled on three ideas to start with:

Idea 1: Seed bombing bike with some kind of mobile catapult, crewed by a bunch of warlike children

Idea 2: Paste up odes to Pascoe Vale

Idea 3: DIY traffic engineering with chalk

Hello City - brain storm for deconstructing neighbourhood

Hello City – brain storm for deconstructing neighbourhood