IMG_2978 The Eureka Factory  – The last few hours have been spent pouring over the 70+ contributions we received at the Hive event, and online via Twitter and Instructables.   We considered the buffet of sentences before us, moved them around, read them out loud, and then began to pull them apart, going where words and phrases moved us.

Chuck took the lead unearthing the stories within stories.  Joel stepped in, captivated by IMG_2972particular turns of phrase.  Steve and Chris considered how to  tell the story of creating the stories, and I documented, photographing, and providing narrative.  We each found our roles in this collaborative process, the place where our skills met our interests and could contribute to the larger whole.

It’s been a fascinating process: Meeting and speaking with the dozens of people who came through the arts center during the afternoon, and the very social and interactive process of sharing their words on the wall, then the more focused and insular experience of looking at those words closely, intimately, and then the process of reducing them to some essential element. New sentences and fresh images arose from the old.

IMG_2976 William Boroughs cut up books and articles, rearranging organized thought into something that appeared random but that he believed had prescient meaning.  We’ve started with random thoughts, the words of more than 60 different individuals, and some form of organization has emerged – poetry, the seeds of engaging fiction,  fortune cookie fortunes and some potentially solid life advice.

Now we turn to the challenge of sharing the story of these stories with others, finding a wayIMG_2986 to illustrate the journey of all these good people’s words into a literary clay from which we’ve sculpted new turns of phrase that become fresh sentences with new meanings.







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